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 ... to restore health, joy and vitality


"Restore health, joy, and vitality
to all aspects of your being"

... H.L. Clewett-Jachowski
Through intense and powerful shamanic healing and shamanic life coaching sessions, you will:

Renew a sense of well-being and vitality

Reconnect to a life purpose

Empower your individuality and uniqueness

Gain clarity and new insights to move forward with

Reestablish personal boundaries

Regain enthusiasm for life

The shaman calls achieving the above, achieving a healed state. The achieving of this healed state often happens instantaneously. Although it’s only noticeable when the healing is also understood by the mind, and therein is a little gotcha. The gotcha is that the longer it takes to understand the healing, the more chance your mind has to get involved and convince you otherwise. Your mind will convince you that the healing did not happen, and the effect of the energetic work will fade away. This is where a shaman intervenes by creating an opening for the healing and understanding to happen instantaneously.

At InkaVisions we are committed to our clients reconnecting to their authentic self and cutting the ties to the stories that bind them into [ordinary reality] – into linear time. Linear time, which is based on the principle of causality, dictates that who we were yesterday determines our today, and dictates who we will be tomorrow. In Shaman’s time, *non-ordinary* reality, we mend the past and heal the future so that we are available for being in the 'Now' , thus breaking the cycle of a pre-determined course of life. When we step out of linear time this way, we can dream our world into being from a healed state - we can reinvolve in our lives those fragments of ourselves that have been disowned and unknown and become the one we have been waiting for.

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"Destiny is a path of sacred purpose and calling."

... H.L. Clewett-Jachowski

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