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 The White Goddess of Albion ~ Weaving Together the Spiral of Time

During a shamanic journey in March of 2005, I was invited into the magical enigma of England’s crop circle phenomenon. I visited my first crop circle in the summer of 2005 and have returned every year since then. Over time, I have come to the understanding that it is not relevant who the circlemakers are or how the formations are made. These powerful designs in the crop fields have become my guides in bridging the mythical realm of the wisdom keepers with the energetic world of nature, deepening my relationship with Spirit and all of life.

Prior to 2005, my professional life had been centered on human to human engagement. Now I am learning the amazing world of human to nature communication. I have found that this human to nature connection is strongest at locations where the 'veil is thin between the worlds’ – sacred places. Having spent a considerable amount of time in permanent sacred spaces like Chichen Itza in Mexico, Machu Picchu in Peru, and Chartres Cathedral in France, I find the crop circles to be a very unique and different kind of sacred space. They are temporary sacred spaces or as I like to call them, "temporary cathedrals". The ephemeral aspects of the circles have provided me, through this unique and mysterious human to nature engagement, with an extraordinary opportunity to be directly taught by Spirit through the heart of nature.

I have incorporated this knowledge into my private practice as a shamanic practitioner and shamanic life coach. Every new crop circle season has brought me invaluable insights and increased my wisdom. The 2011 season was a good example of this.

The Dragon Path Expedition ~ Journal Entry May 2011

I was leaving a much needed private dinner at one of Wiltshire, England’s gourmet restaurants with my husband and co-leader of the 2011 Dragon Path Expedition tour, Bert Janssen, when we had one of those magical, mystical experiences that have, throughout the ages, created and shaped the myths and legends of Albion, which means the White Goddess or Great Britain.

We were half way through the Dragon Path Expedition tour and had spent our dinner discussing the next few days. Usually, when we have a tour in England, we’re chasing crop circles, but our Dragon Path Expedition is a non-crop circle tour. This Expedition, focuses on power places, medieval cathedrals, and the Michael and Mary ley lines.
West Kennet Long Barrow Avebury Salisbury Cathedral

The Mary and Michael ley lines snake their way across the English countryside following a linear heading, the ‘old straight track’ as it is sometimes called, from Land’s End in Cornwall to Hopton in Norfolk. Their trajectory, the average of the two lines courses, is known as the Michael alignment. Some legends say these lines are the source of all the magic in the English landscape. Many modern day researchers identify them as the Ida (Mary), Pingala (Michael), and Sushumna (Michael alignment) lines of the Yogis.

I can testify based on my many experiences that, wherever these lines intersect with ancient sites, man-made structures, or crop circles, magic happens! The Michael alignment also has another name borne of mysterious legends. In ancient times, it was called ‘The Dragon Path.’ For thousands of years in England, these fascinating creatures of power and magic, the Dragons, have been entwined with the legends of St. Michael and St. George. Now, they are the namesake of our tour, Dragon Path Expedition.

Although this is our non-crop circle tour, secretly we were both missing that crazy crop circle-chasing adrenaline. At dinner, we agreed that if a crop circle was formed during the remaining days of the tour and met several conditions, we’d take the group into it. We were both certain that even if a formation appeared, it would never meet all our conditions.

The Conditions:

The formation would have to be located next to a power place, cathedral, or dragon Line
• We’d need enough ‘free time’ in the itinerary for us to go to the formation
• There’d be plenty of safe parking for our cars
• The formation had to be on the same side of the road as the parking
• The farmer would need to welcome us into the formation

As we left the restaurant, I was ruminating about the rest of our itinerary and all of our conditions for going into a crop circle. Slowly smiling to myself, thinking that even on a “good” circle-chasing day, those conditions are rarely all met.

I was just about to say something about this when I l saw two small white birds sitting in our lane about a car width apart. “Watch out!”

The Volvo went into a slide. A quick right turn set the antilock brake system to screeching. I flashed back to a slalom downhill ski race I had seen recently on TV. The announcer sounding like an auctioneer, “He’s through the top gates. He’s 30 seconds behind the winning time. He’s about to do his famous ‘slice slide’ through the gates knowing that if he barely kisses one of the poles, he will be disqualified.”

Our Volvo was doing a slice slide through these two white birds like they were the poles on a slalom course. My heart was pounding as I gripped the sides of my seat so hard my hands cramped. As I let go of the seat, Bert and I looked at each other.

“What was that?” he asked.

 I shook my head, “I don’t know.”

We sat quietly as we drove through rural roads. Roads with fields of crop on both sides; roads with some of England’s most intriguing crop formations from this and past seasons.
2011 Crop Circles

We were heading to our favorite night watch location called ‘the tires’ at the East Field. Even though we weren’t chasing circles with our tour, we’re still croppies at our core, and maybe tonight we’d witness something extraordinary. We were about a mile from our destination when, majestically and gracefully, a white owl did a rolling dive and flew in front of our car as if guiding us somewhere. Knowing this must be a messenger, Bert, increased the speed to keep up with the white owl.
White Owl White Owl on post

Suddenly, the owl mysteriously disappeared. As if the car were driving itself, we took a sharper than usual left turn and began heading up Knapp Hill. We saw the white owl perched on a fence post looking straight at us. Bert slammed on the brakes, pulled off the side of the road and we got out of the car.

t was a crisp evening with an electric feel to the air. An excitement began to build, as we approached the owl. Without a sound it spread out its wings and, looking like a stealth fighter jet, flew a few feet off the ground away from us.

Within seconds, I was seeing the ground get closer to me and then further away. I realized I was seeing through the eyes of the white owl as it flew over the undulating ground. I knew where it was going. It was heading to the East Field. As I stood in the night air, putting together the last ten minutes of wonder and chase, I asked myself some questions.

First, how did we end up on the Knapp Hill Road when we were heading to the East Field? Second, would we have corrected this mistake without the white owl, who was sitting on the fence post, looking like a sentry, radiating to us that we were on the wrong road? We ran back to the car and in true Starsky and Hutch style, we were back on the road with the pedal to the metal and another slice slide to the left, over the knoll and safely at ‘the tires’ over-looking the East Field.
The East Field

he owl was not to be seen. Had I made a mistake about what route the owl was showing me? We sat at ‘the tires’ for 20 minutes talking about the evening and the significance of white birds. We decided to head back to the hotel for some sleep since we had to be up at sunrise for our visit to Stonehenge.

We were heading back down the same road and, as if out of nowhere, our white owl guide was back, flying lead again in front of the car. Not wanting to lose track of our messenger this time, Bert accelerated to keep up with the owl. It made a swooping left turn onto a dirt road which borders the side of the South Field. We followed.

As the owl circled overhead, Bert exited the car to get a better look. I was retrieving a flashlight from my back pack when I looked up the dirt road to where Bert was standing.
South Field dirt road

What I saw made me instantly jump out of the car. “Bert, are you alright? Are you Ok?” I shouted as I ran towards him, scaring off the owl. Running past Bert up the crest of the dirt road, I must have looked like a mad woman.

Bert came running up the dirt road, “What are you doing?” he managed while bending over, grabbing his knees and panting.

“Didn’t you see it?” I whispered, short of breath myself. ”It was huge!”

“See what?” Bert asked with an inquisitive look and more than a ripple of surprise in his voice.

“That huge black, wild-looking cat-dog animal that came out of the South Field and crossed the road right here! It disappeared into the grass field on the other side.” I went on to explain its characteristics; it had a large square head with pointed ears, glowing red eyes, huge feet with long, pointy claws, and a body about six feet long. It was completely black as the darkest night and moved like it was stalking prey, the way a large wild cat moves.
Hound Of Hell on crest of South Field dirt road

“I thought it might hurt you, that’s why I came bolting out of the car.” Bert thought it was cute that I ran up there to protect him with my little LED flash light. Ok, well maybe it wasn’t the best plan, but my intentions were good.

We looked around for the next half hour. We didn’t find any tracks, which should have been prevalent since the ground was wet and you could see our footprints. We looked all over the grass field with our binoculars trying to detect any movement. We looked where the animal came out of the crop to see if it had bent any wheat stems. It seemed as if this large, black animal wasn’t in this dimension. There were no tracks, no bending of crop, no movement in the field, and no circling white owl overhead.

We slowly, uneventfully drove back to the hotel.

End of Journal Entry

‘What kind of interesting experience will the Universe bring the group today?’ ran through my mind as I poured cups of coffee into my very sleepy body to make it to Stonehenge at sunrise.




We arrived at the guarded parking lot of Stonehenge and showed the guards our reservation. The barriers were removed, and our cars allowed into the parking lot.

Stonehenge is guarded 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and must be booked a year in advance. It’s a great honor to go inside the stone circle of Stonehenge. The guard escorted us into this cathedral of stones while giving us the very long do’s and don’ts list. Actually, there is only one Do. Do enjoy the stones by only looking at them or taking pictures of them. The long list of don’ts starts with – do not touch the stones at any time for any reason. I let a small chuckle escape because the do’s and don’ts remind me of the conditions that we agreed upon for taking the group into a crop circle.


After our magical time in Stonehenge, we drive to Salisbury to visit St. Thomas Church and Salisbury Cathedral.


We’re about to enter St. Thomas’ Church when one of our participants says she was reading a book late last night, and kept feeling compelled to share a certain part of it with the group.


After digging through her purse, she opened a little book about legends and myths of Albion


 “Here it is,” she said, “the legend about the Hounds Of Hell.” She stood on a bench outside the church to show everyone the pictures.


I almost faint. It is a picture of the large, wild black cat-dog I saw last night. I get this strange voice in my head as if I am transported back in years; I’m hearing one of my shamanic teachers discuss the concept of circular time.


“This is where time bends and loops backwards and forwards on itself. Physicists call this non-local. A shaman recognizes this is sacred time, and that here she can influence events across space and time. She knows there is no now versus then. There is no difference between here and there. Everything happens simultaneously everywhere. It’s like a dream where you get in a taxi in Paris, and at exactly the same time you get out of that same taxi in New York.”


Thinking about this idea of non-local time, I’m wondering, what occurred first? If time loops and bends on itself, did I see the Hound of Hell in the book first – 12 hours after I saw it come from the South Field? Did the future occur before the past? Is time circular in Albion, like it is for the shamans? And, why did the messenger, the white owl, want me to see this legend? Why did the white owl ensure I was in the right place at the right time?


Consumed with my own thoughts, we enter St. Thomas’ Church, and I begin explaining the symbolism in two stained glass windows. Far off in the distance, I hear myself saying the Dragon stands for life force, prana. I can hear my voice, but I’m aware I’m only catching a few sound bites here and there as if I’m still caught in between the tick and the tock racing around in the circle of time. It’s as if I’m on some kind of autopilot while I explain, “Spiral…symbol that is found all around the world etched into stone, a labyrinth laid out on the ground…Dragon…life force, Ch’i…a symbol for the Goddess…For the Christian mystics, the earthly aspect of the Holy Spirit is symbolized by the Dragon, and the white dove is a symbol for the heavenly aspects of the Holy Spirit.”


As we left the church for Salisbury Cathedral, I was thinking about all the other beliefs around Dragons. Some researchers, like Jung, believed that the Dragon is a symbol for our unconscious. Other researchers that study Alchemy believe Dragons have their roots in that science. There are so many interpretations of the Dragon, from so many disciplines, since the beginning of time. I wonder what the ‘real’ meaning is.

I soothed my ever inquiring mind during this walk to the Cathedral by reminding myself that I was on the Dragon Path Expedition, and there were a few more days left for messengers and messages.


re so many interpretations of the Dragon, from so many disciplines, since the beginning of time. I wonder wh

We were following the feminine Dragon Ley Line called Mary through the Avebury complex, or the serpent temple as most researchers call it.


Silbury Hill


Mary leaves the circular sanctuary of stones and travels roughly one mile away to gently caress Silbury Hill with her bluish electric serpentine energy before she heads across the street to run straight down the axis of West Kennet Long Barrow.

The Long Barrow is a five-chambered sanctuary built in a perfect isosceles triangle, and tall enough to stand in. It’s the oldest and longest, Long Barrow in Britain, and fortunately still available for everyone to enjoy. The fifth chamber can hold about 20 people and is a perfect stone sanctuary for a shamanic journey. The West Kennet Long Barrow was built around 3650 BC.

West Kennet Long Barrow


Thousands of ceremonies have been performed in this exquisite stone cathedral, and the drumming awakens all the ancient voices.

Legends say that the barrow is often visited by a white shadowy creature sometimes called the White Goddess accompanied by a large white dog. 

As we were walking to the Long Barrow, I was thinking about the last few days, wondering to myself what will be the focus of the shamanic journey inside the Long Barrow today?  

I like to let the shamanic journeys in sacred power places be spontaneous and not pre-meditated. The anticipation of not knowing what I’m going to say makes for a more powerful experience for all in the journey. I was curious about what the guardian of the sacred temple would be saying to me and hoping that it would be the White Goddess whispering into my ear today.

 As we approached the top of the knoll that the Long Barrow sits on, there’s an angle that looks like a Dragon’s head with its teeth sticking up and out of the mouth. 

West Kennet Long Barrow dragon

I was showing our group the Dragon’s head so they could take photos, when I happened to briefly glance over to the West Kennett fields below the Long Barrow.


I burst out with an excited joyful voice, “What’s that?”

Bert turned and looked. He pulled out his binoculars, and a smile appeared on his face. He said, “That, my love, is a new crop circle, and in the middle of it is a sign with a money box on it that reads, Welcome to the corn circle. We would welcome a donation.”

West Kennet Barrow

West Kennet crop circle seen

from Barrow                       

Welcome sign from farmer

He pivoted, looked at me and said, “It’s amazing, but all the conditions we set to go into a crop circle have been satisfied.”


The formation was in a field next to a power place that we were visiting. There was plenty of safe parking, and we didn’t have to cross a busy road. The parking and the circle are on the same side, and we have time in our schedule later today. Finally, the farmer is welcoming us into the formation with his sign and donation box.

Bert could see through his binoculars that the formation was a perfect spiral. With an arm around my shoulder, he pulled me aside and said, “We should let them go in.  After all, they are on the Dragon Path Expedition.”


I looked towards the formation and was deep in thought about all the connections. The Mary Dragon Line goes straight through the axis of the West Kennet Long Barrow, runs down the hill across the field, and through the center of the crop circle. The formation was in the shape of a beautiful perfect spiral which is also the symbol of the Dragon, the Goddess, and more.  I smile to myself, as I think, ‘Of course, it has to be a spiral.’ What other shape would let us know that the CircleMakers are communicating with us during the Dragon Path Expedition?


West Kennet spiral crop circle


We had started the tour lecturing about how the Dragon’s ancient symbol as a spiral is found all around the world etched into stone, painted on walls, laid out on the belly of Mother Earth in labyrinths around the world, and much more.


Just like with the Hound of Hell, what came first? The CircleMakers creating the spiral formation or us naming the tour the ‘Dragon Path Expedition’? Also, in what order did the conditions occur for going into a crop circle, us creating our conditions or the CircleMakers informing us, backwards in time, of the conditions at the West Kennet formation? I had suspected at Salisbury that there’d be more messengers on this tour, and I knew this crop circle was one of them.


Of course, that crazy frantic circle-chasing feeling started to pulse through my veins, and I agreed that we should all go in. 

Adam and Eve Stones

And so after the shamanic journey and a visit to the Adam and Eve stones, we did

The crop circle was a perfect spiral in young green barley which feels like the wings of angels as you brush your hands over the top of it. This formation was so precious, that none of us stepped off the tram lines.

and there were a few

Pole shots of West Kennet spiral crop circle


Tram lines are made by the tractor when the field is initially planted with the crop seed, and then used for fertilizing later on. No one dared to actually explore the formation. Everyone had the feeling that they were in the Holy of Holies.


2012 Dragon Path Expedition group in tram lines

It was an amazing transcendental experience with a group of people that are on a non- crop circle tour.


On the final morning of the tour as we’re closing the circle for the May 2011 Dragon Path Expedition, one of the participants said to me with a twinkle in her eye, “What does it all mean – all the different experiences – backwards and forwards in time?”


Startled, I looked at her, and I knew she was another messenger. I gave her a hug and said, “I’ll let you know when I know.”


After all the goodbyes, I spent the rest of the day processing her question.


 What did it all mean – all the different experiences – backwards and forwards in time? I sat down in the lobby of the hotel to map out the clues: Dragon, white owl, Hound of Hell, Dragon Lines, West Kennet Long Barrow, and the spiral- shaped crop circle.


First, I wrote down everything I knew about the white owl. Athena, the Greek Goddess of Wisdom had a companion white owl on her shoulder, which revealed unseen truths to her. Native Americans associate the meaning of white owl with wisdom, foresight, and keepers of sacred knowledge. The Annwn of medieval Welsh tradition is an otherworldly paradise, and there is this persistent myth of the cauldron of Annwn. Some say the cauldron is a source of everlasting life itself, just like Arthur’s Holy Grail.


The white owl is associated with the Goddess and wisdom as well as being a messenger between the worlds. The otherworld is a place, outside of our ordinary time, where the cauldron of Annwn, or the Holy Grail, is guarded by the Hound of Hell.


Could it be that the white owl is the one who brings an initiate the invitation to enter Annwn? Is it possible that the white owl is one of the gatekeepers to Annwn who can open the doorway? If the white owl opens the gateway, does the guardian of the cauldron of Annwn, the Hound of Hell, make the decision who gets into the otherworld?  Was Gwenhyfar, the white owl, one of the messengers that brought the knowledge of the cauldron of Annwn or the Holy Grail, to Arthur? Did Gwenhyfar, invite me to enter Annwn?  And, if so, what was the decision of the Hound of Hell? Since the spiral, which is a symbol for the Goddess and universal life force, was imprinted as a crop circle into the West Kennett Field, could it be that there is a gateway into Annwn in the ancient Long Barrow of West Kennet? Is that why the grail myths are woven into the very fabric of Albion herself? 


Is it possible that information from the future can ripple backwards, information like the Hound of Hell in one of our participant’s books, the spiral- shape of the formation at West Kennet, and the conditions that must be met for our tour group to go into a crop circle? If so, who or what from the future was trying to get my attention?


Reminding myself what the shamans think about time, that it is fluid and flows backwards and forwards simultaneously, I wondered if this is the way time behaves in Albion as well-- sacred and circular? If this invitation to Annwn is true, then time will tell, but not necessarily time in the future.


Since I have many more questions than answers, I have to go back to the White Goddess. I must go back to Albion, the white owl, and the gateway to Annwn. I invite you to travel with Bert and myself to Albion on our 2012 Dragon Path Expediton.  Come with us to meet the white owl and accept the invitation of the White Goddess through the doorway of Annwn.


You can find more information about the 2018 Magical and Mystical Tour to England at bertjanssen.nl/tours/summer2018.html
See you in Albion, home of the White Goddess!


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