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 ... spirit conspires on your behalf to support your intentions and prayers

"No longer being pushed by your past,
instead being pulled by your unique destiny."

... H.L. Clewett-Jachowski

As a shamanic practitioner, I am skilled in many supporting techniques such as, The Illumination process, Soul Fragment Retrieval, Destiny Retrieval, Extractions, etc., and have expertise with many other tools. The most important tool is the degree to which I can step aside and let Spirit do the work. All shamanic work is done in collaboration with Spirit. Because shamanism is a living, evolving system, every client and every session receive different guidance, energies, information, and gifts from Spirit. Depending on what you want to shift or gain clarity about during the session, Iíll track for what technique and tools to use that will bring a state of optimum health and well-being into your life.

The main purpose of shamanic healing, shamanic life coaching, rites, rituals, and ceremonies is for you to reclaim and reconnect to your joy, passion, and creativity. Reconnect to your authentic self. This creates a partnership with Spirit that enables you to stop being pushed by your past, and instead being led by your unique destiny.

Central to the core of the Andean shamanic healing practices is the Illumination process which is a luminous energy field clearing. The Illumination process brings about healing at the level of your original blueprint. It reconnects you to your authentic self, bringing you back into balance and harmony (Ayni) with all of life. Only through Anyi are we able to co-exist gracefully with those things that might otherwise challenge us, whether they are Jaguars or microbes, or whatever the Universe may present. Once this process is performed, Spirit is free to work with and through you, unimpeded, and to conspire on your behalf to support your intentions and prayers.

The energetic aspect of shamanic healing is most effective when used in conjunction with shamanic life coaching. The two together create a powerful, comprehensive model of healing. As a shamanic practitioner, I am trained in mapping healing through all the different worlds. Leaving the healing just at the energetic level, will short circuit the process and eventually the healing will appear to have faded away. Iíll coach you to create an anchor in the literal world for your new gifts and insights. This is necessary for bringing about the state where healing and understanding happen simultaneously Ė this is what we all strive for.

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ďIf you do not design your own life, one will be appointed to you."
... H.L. Clewett-Jachowski

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